"Will lip liner keep my liquid lipstick from bleeding?"

- Ashley

Having any lipstick decide it's just gonna move past your lips and settle on down into the fine lines around your mouth is no bueno. By the time you notice it's happened you're thinking 'Ok how long has THIS been here?' and 'Why does this keep happening?' Grrrrrr!

The good news is there are a few keys that will help keep your lipstick right in place (whether it's a liquid lipstick or not) and not wandering off wherever it sees fit.

If you want to use a lip liner (like these ones I love from Milani) to help boost the longevity of your lipstick make sure you both line and completely fill in your lips to create the long lasting base for your lipstick to go over. Then, apply your lipstick as usual, but don't take it all the way to the very edge of your lips...keep it just slightly more in the center. Having that dryer lip liner barrier around the outer edges of your mouth will be the guardian your lips need to keep everything in line.

Another major key to prevent feathering is something I doubt you've thought of, so listen up. DO NOT, and I repeat DO NOT rub your lips together after your lipstick is on. I knoooow something about mushing your lips around is soooo satisfying when you're wearing anything on them, but doing this makes your lipstick migrate like CRAZY. It's a huge reason lipstick feathers, fades, etc. and most women aren't even conscious they're doing it. Try as hard as you can to break this habit! It is crucial!!

If feathering is a fairly constant battle for you, another suggestion I would make is to avoid any lipsticks that have a moist, creamy texture. Moisture is a huge culprit in why things tend to move around, so seek out some matte lipsticks (these Mega Lasts from Wet N Wild are really great and affordable!) and stay away from the rest.

My last key to end the great lipstick migration of 2019 is to create a barrier around your lips with a bit of powder. Before you apply your lipstick, use a sponge to press a bit of translucent powder around the edge of your mouth. The powder creates that slightly drier barrier around your mouth that helps lock lipstick in place. If you combine this technique with the others I mentioned above, I can guarantee you will see a big difference in the feathering you're experiencing.

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