"Why does blush always make me look like a clown?"

- Anonymous

Ohhhh blush. Why is it secretly one of the hardest parts of makeup?! Either you've somehow gone overboard, or you literally look like you haven't put any on...there is no in-between. Or is there?

The two trickiest parts of blush are definitely using the right amount, and blending so it looks natural. If you keep coming down with clown-syndrome, it's time to work on these two culprits.

Firstly, if you want to see the best techniques to apply and blend cream blush, check out this tutorial I posted a while back, and you'll feel a lot more confident.

Secondly, pick up just a bit of blush on your brush (don't overload it), and learn to use very light pressure as you sweep it on. If the brush is just barely touching the skin, you have a lot more control to apply the blush gradually, building up to the right amount. I myself prefer to sweep powder blush on with a fan brush like this because it grabs on to less product than a typical, dense blush brush. If you end up still going overboard, take your foundation brush or sponge (which should still have some product left in it), and pat over top of your blush. This will immediately blend it in to the skin and make it look a lot better.

My last piece of advice is to try a different blush color. The word 'clown' really indicates to me that too bright of shades are being used, or maybe just too pink. There's a whole world of blush out there! Try going for a natural/neutral blush like this one from Benefit, which will add color without being too noticeable. You can also try more toned down peach or bronze shades. The goal is to add a bit of color to our skin...but that color doesn't always have to be pink!

Hope these tips help you out of your blush rut. If you finally have some blush success, feel free to DM me a pic on Instagram or shoot me an email at info@theprettyfix.com so I can check it out!

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