"Where do I put blush?"

Some of you might be familiar with the idea that you need to figure out what shape your face is, and then apply your blush accordingly. A quick Google search will show you what to do if your face is oval, square, round, etc. Although these guidelines can be helpful, having too many options can still make things confusing. Faces aren't quite as clear cut as diagrams like this make it seem. That's why I want to introduce you to what I'd like to call 'universal blush placement'! This is something I came up with to describe where to place blush in a way that will flatter the majority of face shapes!

The key to placement is to make sure the majority of your blush (before additional blending) is placed in the area on your cheek between where the center of your eye and the tail end of your brow is. From here, you will blend the blush slightly inward and slightly out past so it disappears seamlessly. The best way for you to understand this is to watch this demonstrated in my 'Cream Blush Tutorial' . The placement discussion starts at 2:59 in the video, although this tutorial over all is super helpful if you haven't seen it. This technique is basic blush placement at it's best! From here, there are two main considerations to adjust with if either of the following apply to you. If your face is wide (meaning your features are concentrated in the very center of your face) or you have a very square jawline, you can focus on bringing the blush inward even closer towards the beginning of your eye, and make sure you don't blend much past the tail of the brow. This puts the blush more on the apples of your cheeks, which keeps from drawing attention outwards to the wider or squarer parts of your face. If, on the other hand, you have a long and very narrow face, you may want to focus on lightly extending your blush on the 'tail end of the brow' side so that it goes back towards your ear more. This can help the face look wider and fuller, whereas if you used the opposite technique mentioned above, you would only be making your face look narrower.

Now that you've got some clarification...give this placement a try! Hopefully I've taken some of the mystery out of blush, so you can feel a lil' more confident and quit skipping it.

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