'What's the easiest makeup to learn how to do?"

- Lauren

There are soooo many makeup trends out there that everyone on YouTube and Instagram make look soooo easy. Contouring? Done with a few sweeps of a brush. Liquid lipstick? On in a single swipe. Eyeshadows? Blended in the blink of an eye. This is NOT. REAL. LIFE. Makeup requires a lot of individual steps, and many of them can be challenging! I totally get it.

If you aren't that comfortable with makeup (or are pretty brand new) you gotta stick to the easy stuff so you don't end up throwing everything in the trash and walking out the door with a bag over your head. Here's my top recommendations on makeup that's easier to master:

1. Mascara

Mascara is what I would consider the #1 makeup must-have, and lucky for all of us, it's pretty foolproof to apply! The challenge comes when you need to curl your lashes beforehand, but if you need help with that, I've got you covered here.

2. Tinted Moisturizers and BB/CC Creams

Sheer products like BB creams are the ultimate easy product to apply. If you can rub your hands together and apply moisturizer, you can apply any of these products in no time.

3. Liquid & Cream Highlighters

Adding a little glow to your skin is actually way easier than you might have originally thought. All you have to do is pick up a little product on your finger and pat it on the parts of your face that stick out the most (we call these the 'high planes') like the top of your cheekbone, down the center of your nose, and a touch above your eyebrows and on your chin. Products that are a liquid or cream texture naturally melt right into the skin, so they blend in way easier than powder products, which tend to sit on top of the skin.

4. Sheer Lip Products

Tinted lip balms, glosses, and even sheer lipsticks are a lot more goof-proof than anything that has a lot of rich pigment to it. If you can apply chapstick, you can swipe on a sheer lip without a doubt.

5. Loose Powder

Because it is so lightweight and disappears into the skin so easily, loose powder is pretty much a no-brainer. Just make sure after you pick up some powder on your brush, you tap it to get off the excess before you sweep it across your face so you don't go overboard.

Just FYI, if you're looking for a majorly easy makeup routine, I have a tutorial out on a fresh 'n glowy look you can do in 5 minutes...just sayin'.

As a final note I wanna mention some things you should avoid if you're lookin' for a quick and easy makeup experience. Do NOT leap right into contouring or baking (if you even know what that means haha). Also, avoid things that require a super-steady hand, like liquid eyeliner and liquid lipstick. And do not, for the love of Pete, attempt more than two eyeshadows at a time when you are just starting out. You've gotta master the feel and hand with which you apply makeup before jumping into more advanced stuff. You can get there--I promise--but taking it easy is the best way to build up your skills and confidence to be able to tackle the bigger issues.

Make sure you are subscribed to The Pretty Fix YouTube channel. All of my tutorials are aimed to not only be uncomplicated, but also they explain everything in-depth so you can completely understand what you need to do to get the results you want.

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