"What order do I put my makeup on?"

- Alex

There are so many products involved in doing makeup, it can be confusing to know which goes on first. Finding the right order for your routine is all about doing what makes sense based on the look you're creating. It helps create less work for yourself and gets better results from the products you use. For example, if you do foundation first and then you have some eyeshadow fall onto your cheeks as you apply it, it's better for you to have done the eyeshadow first so you could clean up without having to redo your foundation, BUT that's more of an annoyance than anything. These are the types of things to consider when doing your makeup. Another big consideration is that you always want to do liquid and cream products BEFORE you do powder products. If you try to apply a cream product (i.e. a cream blush) on top of freshly powdered skin, the color will 'grab' onto the powder and thus not blend. Likewise, if you try to apply a powder product to an area where you have just done a liquid (like doing powder blush on top of liquid foundation without powdering in between), you might notice this 'grabs' as well. So always use your best judgement to account for this rule. In general though, here's how to apply your makeup. Tweak this routine based on the products you yourself are using (and no, you do not need to own or use ALL of these things).


- skincare

- foundation primer

- foundation

- concealer (apply after foundation to see what the foundation covers on its own. Also, if you apply it before, you may end up wiping it off as you apply foundation anyway)

- contour

- highlighter

- powder


- eyeshadow primer

- eyeshadows

- eyeliner

- mascara

3. BROWS (if you do them AFTER your eyes, you can better judge how dark they need to be to suit your look)

- brow powder or pencil

- brow gel

- concealer or highlighter beneath brow (always optional!)


- lip balm

- lip liner

- lipstick

- lip gloss

5. CHEEKS (great to do after other makeup so you can sense how much to use to balance out your face)

- blush

A big question I often hear is 'can I do my foundation (and the rest of my skin stuff) AFTER I do my eyes?' and this is a resounding yes! As in the example I gave above, if you anticipate a lot of eyeshadow fallout, or you want to do your skin after so it looks more fresh and pristine, that's totally fine. Again, finding the right order is all about what makes most sense for what look you are creating, so use your own best judgement!

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