"What eyeshadow colors should I wear?"

Although having lots of options is great, when it comes to makeup it's one of the things that tends to make it confusing! Unfortunately (but also maybe fortunately) gone are the days of the 80's when you simply matched your eyeshadow to your outfit and walked out the door. So how do you decide what colors to wear when you have an entire rainbow of colors at your fingertips?

1. Choose colors that make your eye color pop. Choosing colors that enhance your eye color is always flattering and a great idea. Without fully boring you with the color theory that explains why these colors make each eye color pop, here's what to look for:

Blue/grey eyes: bronze shadows with a warm or coppery tone to them (not silvery), peaches, pinks, orange (skip orange if your skin tone is pale...it'll make you look sick!)

Brown eyes: plums/purples, golds

Green eyes: pinks & purples

Hazel eyes: golds, purples, pinks

Keep in mind you definitely don't need to seek out bright versions of these colors...there's plenty of natural-looking shadows that contain these tones! As an example, plum is a shade of purple that will enhance your eye color without visually 'reading' as purple.

2. When in doubt...go bronze! When I think of an eyeshadow color that is universally flattering, I always think of bronze. Bronze naturally contains a combination of multiple tones listed in the 'colors that make your eyes pop' above...typically gold mixed with a deep reddish, orange-ish or even purple-ish tone.

3. Match the mood of your outfit. As I mentioned before, matching the color of your eyeshadow to your outfit is a little 80's...but matching the mood is a great idea! Wearing something very girl and casual? Try some light colored eyeshadows (champagne, light gold, etc) to keep your eyes looking big and feminine. Wearing something more polished for a work event? Wear some neutral tones that enhance your eyes but aren't distracting. Wearing something bright and cheery? Maybe it's time to add just a pop of color. Choosing your eyeshadows based on the tone of what you're wearing and where you are going gives you a great starting point for picking your makeup look. When in doubt, follow this advice first!!!

Wanna know what some of my personal favorite shadows are? Check these out:

For an everyday palette of neutrals:

Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette

Anastasia Soft Glam Palette

Lorac Mega Pro Eyeshadow Palette

For a night out: Anastasia Prism Palette

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