"What concealer should I buy?"

In case you haven't noticed, there has been a new makeup company, a new product launch, a new palette, a new this or new that seemingly coming out every 5 seconds this past year! With some things in life, more is better...but when it comes to narrowing down what to buy, all of these options are NOT making things easy! So when you're looking for a concealer, how can you swim through all the brands out there and make the right choice? Here's a breakdown of exactly how to find your match (and a few of my favorite product recommendations).

The very first thing you should figure out is what you are using the concealer for. This is the most important step in choosing a concealer, and there are only 3 options. Do you want a concealer for under your eyes, to use on your face (for blemishes, dark spots, redness, etc.), or one that you can use interchangeably for both? Answering this question will considerably narrow down your options.

Concealers made specifically for under your eyes (like this amazing one from IT Cosmetics) often contain ingredients that specifically target dark circles. Light-reflective particles that achieve brightness, and peachy-pink tones that offer color-correcting abilities are just part of what suits them for this area. These same traits, however, do make them a bit less ideal for the face. The light reflection can read a bit too shiny on the skin, and the color correcting tones might not match the skin tone on the rest of your face. That being said, if you know you need a concealer for your face, you can rule these concealers out completely. Instead, you'll need to find a liquid or cream concealer that offers a perfect match for your skin tone so that you can use it anywhere. One of my current favs is the L'Oreal Full Wear concealer, which offers long-lasting high coverage and comes in a wide range of shades. My only caveat is that it's less ideal for dry skin, and a little bit goes a looooong way. For drier skin, Kevyn Aucoin's Sensual Skin Enhancer has long been a go-to, and again a tiny tiny amount goes a long way.

Matching your skin tone can be one of the factors that helps you narrow down your concealer choices also, because every brand offers very different shades. You'll find that for certain brands or products, they won't have one that matches you well! Although this can be pretty disappointing the moment that you've got your heart set on a particular product, ultimately, it will guide you to finding an option that's better suited to you.

My final piece of advice is this: don't be fooled by every new concealer being released. Any time a makeup brand launches a new product, they make it seem as though they are creating a revolution in makeup. These companies (and their marketers) know exactly what they're doing! Although there are constant improvements in makeup, it's helpful to keep in mind that once you find a product you like, you most likely aren't going to love a different one that much more. If what you've got is working for you...sometimes it's best to stick to it!

PS. If you need any more concealer help, I've got a couple great tutorials out. Just last week I launched an incredible guide to covering dark circles. I also have one on how to hide individual zits without looking cakey, plus one on how to cover acne and still look natural. All of these videos have their own product recommendations linked below, so you can find even more great concealers linked there. Pretty please subscribe to my channel to help support my site (and so you don't miss out on any other great tutorials I've got coming your way).

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