"What are your eyeliner tips for oily eyelids?"

- Dawne

Obviously the main problem you can encounter when you have oily eyelids is that your eyeliner tends to smudge or even transfer from your lash line to your eye crease. A great way to prevent this is to ‘prime’ your eyelids, and then use a good quality waterproof eyeliner. Here’s our suggestions. Before you do any eyeshadow or liner, use either a pre-made eyeshadow primer (this one is great) or apply a bit of concealer to the whole eye area, and then dust on some translucent powder on top. This base helps keep the oil from your lids from building up immediately, and also gives the eyeliner something to grab on to. Next, make sure you have a good waterproof eyeliner. We find that even waterproof pencil liners can be more prone to smudge, so if you can work with a cream or pen-style liquid liner, these could be your best bet. Our two favs are this cream by L’oreal, and this liquid by Kat Von D. Hope this helps!

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