"My makeup disappears quickly even though I use a good moisturizer. Ideas?"

- Barbara

Grrrr that's such a pain! If your skin is still eating your makeup even though you have a good skincare routine, try the following two things. First, add a couple drops of a face oil in with your moisturizer (this one by Burt's Bees is great). Next, use a layer of foundation primer on top, before you put on any other makeup. Primer acts as a barrier between the skin and the makeup, which helps keep the two from 'interacting' as much, so to speak. You should definitely notice a boost in the longevity of your makeup if you use a good primer (this one from Smashbox works wonders on dry skin). Other than that, during seasons when your skin is drier, just make sure you have a touchup kit handy if you feel like you're still noticing things fade quicker throughout the day.

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