"I feel like my lipstick wears off in two seconds. Any thoughts?"

We totally feel you! Sometimes it seems like you have to do a touchup every time you turn around. If you're struggling to get your lipstick to stay on, you can always try the newest liquid lipsticks (we love this one from Maybelline), which boast a long wear but do tend to have a drier, matte finish. If that's not up your alley, make sure you are getting a lipstick that is not too moist andhas a lot of pigment (this Smashbox lipstick is amazing). Anything with a moist or glossy finish will migrate out of place quicker, and anything that's not deeply pigmented will fade quicker as well. This is where spending a few extra bucks can come in handy, because more expensive lipsticks are often more pigment-rich. Once you've got the right lipstick, apply a layer of it straight from the tube or with a brush, and then blot your lips on a tissue.  This will remove some of the oil in the lipstick, and leave behind mostly pigment. Repeat this process once more (apply and blot), and you should definitely notice a difference in how long your lipstick stays on. If all else fails, invest in a good lipliner (Make Up For Ever makes great waterproof ones), and completely fill in your lips before you apply your lipstick over top. This is another great way to get the boost you need to make your lipstick last!

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