"My dark circles are hard to hide. What color corrector should I use?"

- Sevela

This is a great question, and knowing you need to use a color corrector (rather than concealer alone), is half the battle to getting the results you want! First you’ll need to assess what color your dark circles are. If they are very purple, a yellow color corrector will do the trick. If they have more of a blue-ish, blue-ish purple, or grayish cast to them (this is the case for a lot of women), using a color corrector in the peach family will be your best bet. If your dark circles are brown, you’ll need to use a pink color corrector to brighten them up. Once you figure out what color you need to use (yellow, peach, pink), you then need to assess how deep your skin tone is to make sure your color corrector is rich enough to match it. You can’t use super-pale color correctors on deep skin, duh! The deeper your skintone, the deeper (or richer) the shade of your color corrector should be. For example, using a peach color corrector is great on light skin, but on medium to deep skin might end up too pale and ashy. You’ll need to find a medium peachy-orange shade for medium skintones, and almost a pure orange shade for deep skintones. This is true of the other color correctors too! If you need a yellow color corrector, the shade should get closer to a golden marigold color the deeper your skin tone is. If you need a pink color corrector, it should move closer to red the deeper your skin tone is. If you need some product recommendations (and more info on color correctors!), check out our beauty dictionary definition, but this should all get you going on the right track!

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