"Is there a way to cover my bumpy skin texture?"

- Tal

I think it’s safe to say all of us get breakouts from time to time, buuuuut sometimes our skin is bumpy even without zits present! Grrr! So how do we backtrack to when we were younger and had skin that was smooooooth as silk?

The first step is obvious: get into some advanced skin care. There are plenty of at-home products that help even out skin texture, and actually work! Seek out products that contain exfoliating acids like AHAs and BHAs, or alternatively, Retinol. I myself have seen great results with this retinol-infused moisturizer from This Works. A quick little google search will give you more info on these ingredients and what other products are available if you’re not familiar.

The second step: go for a matte finish. It’s not an obvious solution, so lemme explain! Any shine on the skin immediately enhances the visibility of skin texture because it is literally bouncing light off of pores, bumps, wrinkles, etc. Basically it’s sending a signal out into the world that says 'Look at me!' Whether that shine is from your skin’s natural oils, or from makeup products that have shimmer (or other ‘glowy’ ingredients) in them, the result is the same.

Luckily, on the opposite, more ‘powdery’ end of the spectrum…a matte finish will visibly smooth out the skin! Why? Because a matte finish absorbs rather than reflects light, making things appear much flatter and less 3D. The best news is that you don’t have to go for an all-over matte finish, you can opt to only powder the textured areas if you tend to have dry skin. If that's the case, stick to a lightweight loose powder like this one from LA Girl. If your skin tends to be oily though, this is the perfect time to invest in a pressed foundation powder like this one from L’Oreal. A slightly heavier powder (don’t worry, nowadays powder is much more natural looking than it used to be) can truly be your best friend and make your skin look MUCH smoother.

The last tip I wanted to include is that in areas with especially elevated bumps (like large zits, major acne, etc.), make sure you use products that are exactly your skin tone or even just a hair darker. Because these areas protrude away from the rest of your skin, they naturally look lighter. Using a slightly deeper concealer or powder to cover them is a great way to make them appear as though they blend in with the rest of your skin…just don’t go too dark and end up highlighting them in a ‘different’ way, lol.

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