"Is there a big difference between black & brown eyeliner?"

- Allie

Makeup is all about options, but sometimes this makes it hard to know what you should choose. Is there a big difference between everything? Or is it all just kind of the same?!

When it comes to eyeliners, different shades are mainly a way to create a wider range of looks. Black is great for the moments when you want strong definition, so your eyes really pop. It's also going to be the best option if you have a deep skin tone.

Because black can sometimes look too strong or harsh, brown is the perfect option to create a more natural, softer look. If you are very fair, brown can look more flattering against your skin tone as well.

Beyond these two staple colors, don't be afraid to branch out! There's plenty of other great options that'll enhance your eyes without standing out as much as you'd think. If you've got brown eyes, a purple based liner like this one from Urban Decay will make your eye color really pop, but won't come off clown-ish at all. For blue or green eyes, brown liners that have a more copper or bronze undertone like this one from MAC will do the trick. Switching to a liner like these can do some heavy lifting in bringing your eyes & complexion to life, so keep an open mind and bust out of your routine once in a while.

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