"I'm a trans woman...how do I even get started with makeup?!"

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

- Tamar

Being brand new to makeup can be overwhelming for anyone, no matter who you are! There's so many products...so many crazy tutorials...where do you start?! I know it can all be quite confusing, especially if you feel like you are starting from basically ground zero.

The first thing you want to do is get a complete overview of makeup--what the basic products are and how to apply them- in one fell swoop! Rather than seeking out individual tutorials one after the other and trying to piece them all together (how does one even know what they don't know to begin with? lol), here's two great options for you.

1. My makeup classes! I offer live makeup classes online on a recurring basis, including my 'MtF Makeup Made Easy' class, which is the perfect overview of basic makeup. If you want to see what classes I have coming up, click here. And don't worry--if 'Makeup Made Easy' isn't on there, it will be again soon. I also offer makeup mentoring one-on-one if you'd like to learn from me in private online! It's a great way to get fully personalized advice to look your best and tackle all of your questions at once. Lastly, I'm currently in the process of creating a full makeup course that you can simply purchase online and learn from at home, so stay tuned for that as well!

2. Getting a basic makeup book. Though I'd say most makeup books are a *bit* outdated, this one by Bobbi Brown goes over all of the basics, like what different products are, what you use on each part of the face, etc. and it's going to give you a great basic understanding of makeup from which to build.

Once you have this basic understanding of makeup, you'll need to invest in a few products and begin practicing an easy, uncomplicated look. If you head over to the tutorials section of the site, you could try out the 'No Makeup Makeup' tutorial or perhaps this tutorial for work to get your bearings and create a really natural look. Practice at a time when you aren't actually leaving your house. This is crucial for creating a relaxed atmosphere for you to begin building your skills. If you try a bunch of new things before you have to go somewhere, you will inevitably feel more pressure to be perfect, and more self-critical...so don't do this! Be easy with yourself, and know that you aren't going to be a master in a day, but you will improve with time and practice! Also, try to avoid rushing into anything too advanced when you are just getting started. Liquid eyeliner, contouring, or even doing multiple eyeshadows can be pretty hard to get the hang of when your skills are just developing. Don't worry though...you will get there!

After you've started to develop a routine, you'll begin to see what you're good at...and what still needs a little improvement, so to speak. From here, start attending more classes or watching targeted tutorials to address your specific needs, whether that's how to really get the hang of eyeliner, how to make your makeup last longer, or whatever else is coming up for you. At this point, your skills will be gradually building, you'll start to notice what you like and don't like, what looks good on you or doesn't, and you'll be well on your way to finally having a solid routine down! Yay!

I know this journey is both exciting and frustrating, fun and a chore, so if you ever feel confused don't hesitate to reach out to me directly with your questions at info@theprettyfix.com. I respond personally to ever single inquiry, and am happy to help you! I would also gladly love to hear your suggestions on how I can improve the site, or make the exact content you would like to see.

Just FYI--You can also learn lots of makeup tips 'n tricks you might find helpful on my Instagram...so check that out too. Thanks for checking out my site!

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