"How do you make blue eyes pop?"

- Daniela

When it comes to making any eye color pop, it's all about color theory! If you take a quick glance at the wheel, take note of whatever colors are directly across from the color you are trying to enhance. In the case of blue eyes, oranges and reds are what are known as the 'complementary colors' to blue.

You might be thinking...orange and red?! Those are definitely NOT the shades I want to wear on my eyes! To be fair, you're probably right! Typically those with blue eyes have fairer skin tones, which can look sickly with red or orange around the eyes. So what's a gal to do?!

It's actually easy. Find colors that contain these shades within them or are more wearable versions of them. For instance, soft pink eyeshadows (which are hues of red) are really flattering on most skin tones. Another great go-to: bronze. Bronze is one of the ultimate blue-eye enhancers. Lots of bronzes have hints of red, orange, or gold in them that really make blue eyes pop. Instead of using basic brown eyeliner, swap it for a bronze like this classic one from MAC and your eyes will truly sparkle.

Another thing you're probably not considering is that you can incorporate these complementary colors into your lips and cheeks as well and they will still work to make your eye color stand out! Try a peach blush like Nars Orgasm or a deep, classic red lipstick like Hourglass Icon. All of these are great options that really bring your eyes to life.

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