"How do you get rid of puffy eyes first thing in the morning?"

- Mary

Puffy eyes in the morning are mostly caused by water retention in that area, so two things really help diminish it quick: coldness and caffeine. For the cold aspect, you can do something as simple as holding refrigerated spoons over your eyes for a minute, or you can use a jade roller that you keep in the fridge to gently roll around the eye area (here's one!). Lot's of eye creams contain caffeine since it's such a great de-puffer (we love this one by 100% Pure), so you can easily invest in one of those to use. I know puffiness can be annoying, but these tricks will truly help. The only thing to be aware of is that if your puffiness is caused by allergies, you may need to take an allergy medication to reduce the puffiness, because in this case it's caused by a histamine reaction in your body. 

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