"How do I tone down the redness in my skin?"

Updated: Oct 20, 2019

- Kelley

Well Kelley (and all of my other blushing beauties out there), lucky for you this dilemma has a pretty easy fix: the color green. Allow me to elaborate.

Because red and green are opposite on the color wheel (google it, you'll see what I mean), when added together, they will cancel each other out! Now the trick is investing in the right product to tackle your redness. Let's figure out what's going on.

Do you have redness in just a few patches on your face? These patches might be from rosacea, acne, or broken capillaries. If so, you should invest in a liquid (cream is fine, too) green color corrector like this one from Maybelline! To use the corrector correctly (har har!), pat on a SHEER layer just where the redness is. You should still be able to see your skin through the corrector, with just a light tint of green visible. You should not look like you are turning into the Grinch. I want to emphasize this, because most people that demo color correcting on YouTube pile on corrector until they are in full Kermit-mode...and this is just plain wrong! It requires you to cake on tons of foundation and concealer to cover the corrector, so essentially you have created another problem while trying to solve the first one. When you color correct the right way, you will only need to use your usual amount of foundation or concealer over top. End rant.

The other form of redness you might have is more of an all-over redness (rather than being just a patch or two). If this is the case, I would highly suggest using a green foundation primer like this one from NYX. Foundation primers make it super easy to apply a thin, sheer layer of green corrector over the skin so you can use your regular foundation over top. If your skin has a cool undertone, make sure you still buy a foundation with a pink/red base to it. You can tone down excessive redness with color corrector, but you should not try to hide your skin's under tone...your foundation will look mis-matched!

A final tip is that if your redness is in your cheek area, you should be very cautious with pink blushes. Any time you use a pink blush on top of redness, even when it has been concealed, it can often have the tendency to immediately bring that redness right back to the surface and cause you to look excessively flushed. Instead, opt for a great peachy-orange shade like this incredible one from Make Up For Ever, or more of a bronze tone like this one from NARS.

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