"How do I pick a blush color?"

I've gotten this question twice recently so I figured that's a sign! Allow me to say I am very happy people are getting into blush again. I feel like it's often overlooked and skipped, but I think it's so necessary! Blush not only makes your skin look healthy and radiant, it can also bring out your eye color, define your cheeks, and give your look a major pick-me-up.

So how do you go about choosing the right color for you? It's actually easier than you think.

With some makeup products like foundation or lipstick colors, getting a tone that's not flattering on your skin can be very obvious. In this case you have to be a little more careful. The good thing about blush is that there isn't as wide of a variety of tones, and also, you are using quite a sheer amount! If you think about it...how often have you looked at someone's makeup and thought 'Wow, that blush color is totally wrong for her!' Pretty much never, right? Using softer, sheer shades is part of what makes blush more goof-proof, and gives you more freedom to choose the shades you prefer.

Here's how I go about picking a blush color.

1. I decide based off the over-all look I am creating. If I have done a really warm, bronzey eye and bronzed skin for example, I might continue with this 'warm' theme and choose a peachy or bronzey blush. I could also go in the opposite direction, and choose a blush with a slightly pinker tone to make the cheeks look more fresh and provide some contrast. It's all about you deciding what kind of 'look' you want to create and using that to guide your color decision.

2. I try out many different colors to see if I notice a trend of what looks good on me. Comparison is a HUGE tool in our makeup tool box. If you don't know what color will look good on you, you need to try out a wide range. From the experience of comparing different colors, you will start noticing some trends. Do you notice that because you have naturally pink cheeks already, pink blush looks way too clown-y not matter what shade of pink you try? Or do you notice neutral and bronzey blushes don't make your skin pop enough? Doing some test runs of various shades is a great way to find your favorite color categories.

Honestly, that's all there is to it! Blush is not a product that needs a lot of over-thinking. Trust your instincts on what looks good on you, and what will be nice with the makeup look you're creating that day. You are your own makeup expert, even if you don't feel that way sometimes.

Hope these tips are helpful! I am doing weekly makeup classes during this time, so make sure you are following The Pretty Fix on Instagram or checking the site often! All of them are FREE so that everyone has the chance to learn something new (although any donation is of course greatly appreciated).

PS I have tutorial on how to apply cream blush if that could be useful!

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