"How do I make the most out of drugstore products?"

- Bailey

Makeup really does add up quick, y'all! Even I went in to Sephora the other day and found myself thinking "$50 for an eyeshadow palette?! GEEZ!".

Lucky for all of us, inexpensive makeup isn't what it used to be. Back in the day, you had to go for the 'nicer' stuff if you wanted good results, but nowadays companies have reeeeeally stepped up their game. So how do you make the most of these products if you've got a dime store budget and champagne taste?

1. Do your research Before you go on a mega shopping spree, or decide to pick up a new product at the local CVS...find out what products actually deliver. No matter if you're shopping high-end or low-end, when it comes to makeup...some products just aren't great. Thankfully, the internet is here to save us from wasting our time and money. My favorite way to get feedback about specific products or ask for recommendations is to use reddit. All you have to do is go onto a makeup subreddit, post a question, and you will get a full blown discussion going that will lead you in the right direction. Even as a pro makeup artist, I use Reddit for research all. the. time. Take advantage of the internet, peeps! Also, underneath every makeup tutorial I upload are my personal favorite product recommendations, and I almost always include budget-friendly products in there, so check those out as well.

2. Up your technique A lot of people will tell you that it's not the products themselves, but how you apply them, and in some cases...this is absolutely true! Make sure you're subscribed to The Pretty Fix YouTube channel and then you can start learning some techniques from an actual pro that will take your skills to the next level! Also, there's tons of other tutorials you can browse through to find ways to improve your makeup game. Try out new ways of doing things (like applying liquid lipstick) and set aside time to actually practice when you don't feel the pressure of leaving your house. As you get comfortable & add to your makeup skill set, you will definitely be making the most out of whatever products you choose to buy.

3. Splurge when you can If you've struggled over and over again to find a drugstore eyeliner that won't smudge on you, a foundation that's a good match, etc. etc. it might be time to invest in a nicer product. When it comes to quality & performance, sometimes the price tag really is justified. As I mentioned, there are tons of great products at the drug store level these days, but if you notice the quality just isn't there for whatever you've been testing out, that's your cue to level up. Follow my first advice and do some research, and you'll definitely be able to find something worth your money.

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