"How do I make my lips look bigger?"

Obviously not all of us are looking for Kylie Jenner lips—which of course only come from fillers—but it would be nice to make our own lips look a little fuller sometimes! If you've tried (and failed) at over-lining your lips before, keep reading. I've got several other tricks up my sleeve for you + I'll break down how to over-line the right way.

Tip 1: Stick to shine You might have noticed by now that using a lip gloss naturally makes lips look fuller. This is due to the fact that any kind of shine (whether it's from moisture, from shimmer, etc) will always reflect light and make things appear visually bigger. The opposite is true too...matte textures absorb light and will make things appear smaller. Keep this in mind when you are shopping for lip products! You don't have to go full on gloss-mode to plump up your pucker, but finding moist lipsticks and lip pencils that have a sheen to them is definitely a better idea than going for a matte liquid lipstick. I've said it once and I'll say it again: good makeup is all about the combination of the right products + the right techniques. Make sure you apply any moist/shiny lip product all the way to the very edge of your lip line, because having the shine along the border of your mouth will really make your lips look bigger.

Tip 2: Use light + dark to your advantage Besides using shine, you can also majorly increase fullness by creating more dimension to your lips. Used on their own, light lip colors will inherently make lips look bigger while dark colors will shrink them, but using a combination of both can create the results you're after! Any time you put on a lipstick that isn't a light shade (say your favorite red, or maybe a deep berry for fall), apply a dab of a lighter color over top just in the center of your top and bottom lip. Mush your lips around or pat them with a finger so the colors blend—you don't want it to be obvious you are wearing two shades, but you do want to keep the color concentrated mostly in the center. You can also achieve this by using a deeper shade of lip liner than the lipstick you put over top, but again, make sure you blend well!! You do NOT want it to be apparent you've used two different colors.

Tip 3: Over lining the right way If you've over lined your lips in the past and ended up looking like a freakin' clown, it's probably because you either went too big, created an unappealing shape, or you went over in what I like to call 'the no-no spots'. The no-no spots are the parts of your lip that will always look weird if you go too far past the border of your natural lip line. These spots are at your cupid's bow (if you have a prominent one), at the corners of your mouth (top and bottom!), and any part of your lip that has a really prominent edge to it already—if you have very flat lips, you have a lot more freedom to over line them. Any time you are over-lining your lips, you need to do it veeeeery gradually, starting at your natural lip line. Line your lips following your natural shape. Then, starting ON your natural lip line at the corner of your mouth, very slightly go a bit past this line as you move up towards your cupid's bow, or down towards the center of your bottom lip. Remember--you can't expand your lip line in the corners of your mouth or anywhere that won't look realistic (like your cupid's bow), so you need to make sure any over-lining you do re-connects to your natural lip line smoothly...THIS is the key to over-lining that many people miss! It truly is a subtle art. Set aside a practice time when you aren't leaving the house! That way you are free to make mistakes and can analyze which parts of your lips work for over-lining without the pressure of having to look good for other people.

Once you've over-lined your lips, if you want to take their fullness to the max power, add in the other two tips I mentioned above--using a light lipstick in the center of the mouth and adding some shine. That's really all there is to it! Also, show yourself some love...not having huge lips doesn't mean it's something you 'absolutely need to fix' or hide. Your features are built to suit YOUR face and you are bee-you-tiful!

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