"How do I make my lips look bigger?"

- Kori

The easiest and most natural way to make your lips look bigger is to add shine to them! Shine reflects light, and gives the illusion of fullness…you’ll notice using matte products has the exact opposite effect! Lip gloss is a great option (you can nab one here), but you can also use lip products that have a bit of shimmer in them to obtain this light-reflecting effect. We love these tinted lip balmsfrom Burt’s Bees for this. Sticking to lighter colors on your lips also helps them look fuller, as dark shades have a shrinking effect. Our final recommendation is to very slightly over-line your lips with lip liner in a shade that exactly matches your own natural lip color. This technique is probably what most of you are used to trying, but it can also look unnatural quickly, which is why we prefer using shine to do the work for us!

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