"How do I keep my skin from drying out when I fly?"

- Jennifer

Ah yes. Recycled air. I think we all know the thrill of jetting off to a fabulous vacation, only to hop off the plane looking like you just took a trip to the Sahara. Planes really do dry out your skin, but it's actually pretty easy to stay fresh by 1. adding hydration and 2. sealing it in. Here's how.

Firstly, you should definitely do a hydrating sheet mask (I love these ones by Patchology) after you've settled into the plane for an hour or two. Don't be afraid to leave it on longer than usual, and when you take it off, massage the leftover serum into your skin. You should feel a definite hydration boost.

Now that you've added some moisture, you need to keep it from evaporating right back out of your skin in the dry air. For this, you'll need what we refer to as an 'occlusive' moisturizing agent: one that protects the skin against water loss. Petroleum products like Vasoline are the ultimate guard against moisture loss, but we obviously don't want to slather our whole face in it (though it can be a great option to keep your lips from drying out on a plane). A better option to turn to is a face oil! After your mask, massage a few drops of face oil into your skin (here's an affordable one from Burt's Bees) to help keep the hydration in. This should keep your skin in great shape for hours. Feel free to repeat this process if you're on an extremely long flight and feel like one round just won't cut it.

As a little bonus before you land, you can always do an eye mask (like these) to de-puff and brighten your eye area so you hop out looking refreshed. When you get into the airport, head to a restroom and do your full face routine (cleansing, moisturizing, etc.) and you should be in great shape to enjoy your vacay.

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