"How do I keep my makeup from transferring?"

- Luna

Makeup transfer is the worsttttt! Whether it rubs off onto your own clothes, onto someone else when you hug, or even onto your phone, foundation & powder can sometimes leave behind a trail of destruction. Here are my top tips to avoid this issue, especially in this Summer heat!

1. Use a scarf when you're getting dressed. Covering your face with a scarf (or a 'makeup hood' specifically made for this purpose) really helps prevent anything from getting on your clothes as you're changing. As a makeup artist, we use these hoods allll the time to protect both the makeup and the clothing during photo shoots. A little creepy looking...but they work!

2. Avoid moist & creamy makeup. Tinted moisturizers, BB & CC creams, and even stick foundations are notorious for transfer...the moist base of the makeup just does not make for good adherence to the skin. What does? Obviously, foundations labelled as 'long wear' are a great option, but they can be a bit matte or drying for some skin types. Another great option is to use a silicone based foundation (like my all time fav Make Up For Ever HD), which adheres to your skin better and will thus be less likely to transfer.

3. Set your makeup the right way. Powder is obviously necessary to set makeup in place, but too much powder creates it's own transfer issues because it sits on top of the skin, just ready to latch on to anything that brushes by. Avoid powder foundations, and instead dust the face with a light layer of translucent setting powder. Translucent powder bonds with the makeup beneath it, so it's much less likely to rub off on it's own. After powdering, use a strong setting spray like this gem from Skindinavia to lock everything down. You'd be surprised what this setting spray can do.

Keep in mind that Summer heat causes transfer to increase due to sweat, oilier skin, etc., so now's the time to make a few changes to your routine as you notice these issues creeping up on you.

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