"How do I keep my lip color from coming off immediately?"

Having any makeup product come off in the blink of an eye is majorly annoying, but even more so with lip colors because they can reaaaaally make you look like a hot mess when they start to disappear.

Aside from investing in a basically bulletproof liquid lipstick (like my fav from Sephora), there are a few tricks you can use to make sure your lip color stays on better than ever before.

1. Keep it from migrating. The biggest issue is that (especially creamy and moist) lipsticks will often slide right off your mouth because of the moisture they contain. It just makes them way more mobile than matte or more natural finish lip products! To prevent any 'bleeding' (or from having your lip line expand to the point you look like a clown) try this: before applying your lip color, use a small brush to apply concealer all the way around your mouth. Then, dust on a little powder over top. The reason this helps is that you've effectively made a bit of a drier, invisible makeup barrier that will keep the lip color more in place.

2. Line your entire lip. Lip liner doesn't get a lot of hype now that liquid lipsticks have hit the market, but for anyone using a traditional lipstick, you should definitely have one in your makeup drawer! If you fill in your entire lip with lip liner before applying lipstick, it's kind of like using primer beneath your foundation. The lip liner will create a base and barrier that locks your lipstick in place. The good news is that you don't have to have a matching color for every single lipstick you own. Instead, my suggestion is to find a lip liner that matches your own lips' natural coloring. That way, when you fill in your lips, you can apply any color on top and it will look natural. If you've never bought lip liner before, I really love all the ones made by MAC.

3. Go for heavy pigment. As I mentioned before, the moisture (specifically the waxes and oils) found in lipstick are what make them migrate, which is exactly why drier products like matte lipsticks stay on better. Another big factor in lipstick longevity is how much pigment they contain! Any lipstick that is highly pigmented will inevitably last longer than anything sheer, which is some insight you can definitely use to your advantage. When you apply your lipstick, press a tissue between your lips to blot it, and then apply another layer on top. You can do this even a second time if you'd like. Why does this help? Blotting will absorb some of the moist ingredients in the lipstick and leave behind the pigment, so as you blot and reapply you are essentially building up the pigment in your lipstick. Makes sense, right?! Also, if you are able to test out lipsticks at the store, do swatches on your hand and you'll be able to see which ones are more pigmented from the beginning when you are making your purchase.

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