"How do I do my makeup for video calls?"

Oh the joys of Covid quarantine...for the foreseeable future a lot of us are now using Zoom video conferences for work, dating on FaceTime, etc etc. To sum it up: there's a lot of video chatting going on.

I got this question this week and figured it was a great one to share, so here it goes!

One thing about doing video calls I have personally noticed is how dark and shadowy everyone looks! Most of us are tucked away in some random corner of our house with overhead lighting, and sadly, no amount of makeup can fix this. So my first makeup tip is to invest in some (very affordable) lighting for yourself! I found this handy dandy clip-based ring light that I've been using on Amazon. All you have to do is position it right behind your computer (above where the camera is) facing you. You can adjust brightness, color temperature, and bend it to your will. It's great! They also make ring lights for cell phones too if that's what you'll be using.

As for the makeup tweaks you want to make:

1. Make sure you don’t look too shiny, especially if you have an added light on. A little powder through your t-zone (forehead, sides of nose, and chin) can definitely make sure you don’t appear too oily on camera, which is really common!

2. No need to do too much. It’s good to look presentable, but going overboard will look a little out of place for the context. Even if you are working, everyone knows you are at home...no need to pull out all the stops. Keeping it simple and making even a small amount of effort is perfect. I do have a tutorial on a nice, balanced look for work if you want to check that out and get an idea! Even this look might be more than you really need, but it gives you a good starting point if you want to look more polished and have no clue what to do.

Hope these tips are helpful! I am doing weekly makeup classes during this time, so make sure you are following The Pretty Fix on Instagram or checking the site often! All of them are FREE so that everyone has the chance to learn something new (although any donation is of course greatly appreciated).

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