"How do I do makeup over my freckles?"

- Sarah

I’m sure all of you beautiful freckle-faced gals have noticed by now that when you put makeup over your freckles, they often don’t get fully covered and instead show up as an ashy-looking shadow. Not only does this make your makeup look instantly heavier, but it also isn’t letting your freckles live in all of their beautiful, sun-kissed glory! So what’s a girl to do? Here’s my best tips:

1. Keep foundation coverage as sheer and moist as possible (unless you reeeeally need full coverage). Foundation is one of the worst freckle offenders! Sometimes a layer of foundation (especially if it’s matte) partially covers freckles to where they take on a dull, ashy look. The key to avoid this is to use a sheer, moist foundation or tinted moisturizer to add just a hint of coverage that won’t dull your freckles down. Then, in the specific areas that you have breakouts or other discolorations you’d really like to cover, use a small synthetic blending brush (I recommend this one from Bdellium Tools) to very lightly pat on concealer until the edges of the product seamlessly blend into your skin. If you need some guidance on spot concealing, I have a great tutorial on how to cover a difficult zit that shows you some proper techniques. I know someone reading this is thinking ‘I don’t have good enough skin to not wear full coverage!’. If that’s the case, go for the coverage you need, but keep in mind you’ll need to then make sure it covers your freckles completely so you don’t see a shadow of them peeking through.

2. Use mostly cream products instead of powder products. Cream makeup products (like blush and bronzer) don’t contain the same freckle-dulling fillers like talc powder that most powder products contain, so they allow your freckles to shine through more realistically. Plus, cream products really melt into the skin instead of sitting on top like a powder does, so you can get really natural results. If you aren’t familiar with cream blush, go ahead and give this tutorial a peek.

3. Re-define your freckles with a brow pencil. When all else fails, you can actually bring your freckles back to life by using a slim brow pencil (I love the Anastasia Brow Wiz) to make them more prominent again. Just make sure you are following your natural freckle pattern—don’t just scatter dots evenly across your face or you’ll look like little orphan Annie. Also, make sure once your freckles are drawn back on, you pat over top of them just a bit with a finger so they blend down a touch to look realistic.

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