"How do I cover my impossible dark circles?"

- Huda

Not gonna lie...dark circles are one of THE ultimate makeup challenges! They can be especially difficult if the area beneath your eyes is sunken in compared to the cheek below, because there's the added shadow created by this hollow. So what in the world is going to solves this dilemma? Don't worry...as usual—I've got you!

If you have exceptionally dark dark circles, you are going to need to invest in a color corrector and two concealers—one that matches your skin tone exactly, and one that is a shade lighter. Especially for the concealer that matches your skin tone, make sure it is full coverage...sometimes the liquid pen-style concealers for under eye are a bit too sheer. I truly love the L'Oreal Full Wear, though it can be a bit dry for some. Tarte shape tape is a winner as well.

Choosing a color corrector is a big part of what trips everyone up, because one size definitely does not fit all! If your dark circles are predominately blue (or look grey as soon as you put on a bit of concealer), you'll need a peach or orange color corrector. If your dark circles are a vibrant magenta-purple, yellow is your go-to. Finally, if you have dark brown dark circles, pink to red color correctors will be best. The key is that the corrector needs to follow suit with the depth of your skin tone...so for instance, if you have lighter skin you should be grabbing a lighter peach corrector, whereas if you have a deeper skin tone you need a true orange to do the trick. I know this seems confusing, but testing out correctors at a store like Sephora will unlock your ideal shade, and then you never have to think about it again because it won't change! You'll know which corrector is best because when you apply it, the shade of the corrector will dominate (aka cancel out) the tone you are trying to cover and that tone won't be as visible any more. If you need some color corrector recommendations, check out the links beneath this tutorial I did on canceling out a 5 O'clock shadow.

To cover challenging dark circles, first pat on enough corrector so that the tone beneath is pretty neutralized. Make sure you are concentrating this corrector only where the darkness is...not extending it past this area or covering your whole under eye (I see you, amateur YouTube tutorials!!). You can experiment with dusting a layer of powder on top to lock it in place before proceeding, but skip it if it gets too cakey. After the corrector, do a layer of your matching concealer over top. Make sure for each of these layers you are PATTING the concealer in place and also patting to blend! If you use a swiping motion, you will disturb and remove some of the product beneath, so you'll never get the result you want in the end. The final layer is the 'brightening' layer. Just in the deepest/darkest area, pat on a drop of the lighter concealer to visually brighten and lift that area out of the shadows. I would suggest setting this with a wisp of loose powder, which will keep everything in place and also make the area look smooth and flat.

Once you've gone through this process you may see just a BIT of shadow left creeping through. That's totally normal! You can experiment to see what's needed next. Sometimes adding a bit more light concealer will brighten it up. Sometimes repeating the color correcting process with a bit of concealer will be the solution. Test a few things and see what is working for you! Just keep in mind to only place more product precisely where you see the darkness, and not on the whole under eye.

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