"How do I apply liquid lipstick so that it actually looks good?"

- Laura

Liquid lipstick can be a lot like liquid liner: tricky AF to apply smoothly! If your attempts so far have looked more like abstract art than polished perfection, that is totally normal. Luckily, it doesn't have to be this way! Try changing your approach with the tips below and I guarantee you'll stop sweating so much every time you reach for that lip color.

1. Steady your hand. Either rest your elbow on a countertop, or rest your pinky finger on your face as you are applying the product. This will immediately give you the ability to create smoother strokes as you apply.

2. Limit the amount of product you are applying by using a lip brush. The applicator inside a liquid lipstick is always overloaded with product, even when you wipe it off on the sides of the tube. It's also a very clunky shape, so the doe-foot applicator makes it hard to get a crisp line from the get-go! Use a separate lip brush to pick up a small amount of product and work in sections...try doing half of your upper lip, then the other upper half, followed by half of your lower lip and then the other half. Don't be fooled by the videos you see online where people seem to magically swipe on a perfect lip in one stroke! That is an extremely rare feat and is definitely not necessary to get great results. If you want a good lip brush that you can toss in your purse, here's a great retractable one.

3. Don't be afraid of cleanup. Even as a celebrity makeup artist I still need to use q-tips, and guess what...you probably will too! Women too often set themselves up for failure by creating unrealistic expectations of perfection when it comes to doing their makeup. Don't worry about how glamorous (or unglamorous) the process of getting to your end result is. If you have a few bumps or color outside the lines a bit, just clean it up with some makeup remover and a q-tip and keep it pushin'.

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