Learn one-on-one with me online!

Individual advice is the only way to learn exactly what works best for you, your features, and your personal routine. I'm here to solve all of your makeup problems once and for all!

Introducing: private makeup sessions with me,

celebrity makeup artist Melissa Murdick!

What's it entail?

We'll meet on Zoom so we can dive head first into your exact makeup needs. Are you a total beginner looking to get started? Or do you want to get out of a rut and get your routine up to par? Whatever you want to accomplish can become a reality!

How does it work?

As you book, you'll have the chance to tell me exactly what you'd like to focus on during our session together, which will last an hour and a half. First we'll discuss your current routine and what products you've been using-- then I'll take over! I'll go through each and every step of your routine to walk you through better techniques, discuss exactly what products, colors, and placement will look best on you, and answer ALL of your questions from start to finish. I explain everything as in-depth as possible while I'm demonstrating, so you not only see what to do, you also understand why you are doing what you're doing. This makes all the difference in turning you from a beginner to a pro in no time! You'll walk away with a TON of new tricks up your sleeve, and incredible confidence doing your makeup from here on out. 

Now for some logistics:

You'll be sent a link for a Zoom meeting so we can both chat  and see each other on video when the day comes...all you'll have to do is click a link! This does require you to have a webcam and microphone. You will also need to make an account on https://zoom.us, but don't worry--it's free and easy!

What can I expect to gain?

Not only have I been doing makeup for over 16 years, I've also worked with people of all ages, races, and gender identities. You can expect to gain a LOT of pro knowledge that's tailored to your exact needs. This isn't something you can get watching endless YouTube videos, or even in a group class. I mean...how often do you get to sit down with Selena Gomez's makeup artist and pick her brain? C'mon! lol


After our session, I send you a recording of our session together, plus a 100% personalized makeup guide that breaks down every single step of your makeup routine so you can remember all the new techniques you learned. In this guide I also link directly to products and shades I think would work great for you, as well as additional tutorials to further your knowledge. This is the ultimate personalized experience! I truly want you to get the best results possible, so I will break things down in a way that is ultra easy to understand, but you won't need to own 1,000 products and brushes to work with!

A recap of the nitty gritty

Class time: 1 hour 30 mins


A full recording of our session

Your completely personalized makeup guide

Total confidence in your makeup routine!

Ready to go for it? Get started below!

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