Ready to end the guessing games when it comes to makeup? 

It’s time for

Makeup Made Easy™

A live 4 week course just for trans* beauties that helps you master makeup basics from the ground up, create the perfect everyday routine, and shows you just how easy it can be to look your best every day.

  • You’re newly transitioning and feel like you need to make up for lost time when it comes to makeup

  • You know you need to look more presentable so you can feel confident facing the world 

  • You’ve been watching plenty of YouTube videos, but don't really get the same results when you try it yourself

  • You feel overwhelmed by all of the products out there and are pretty confused about what to buy


  • You could really use some help so you don’t end up looking like a clown, but don’t know where to turn for it

Knew all the basics of makeup so that everything finally made sense


Knew exactly what products you needed to own (+ which ones were good to buy)


Could create an every day routine that made you feel beautiful and confident, but didn’t require a million products


Could apply everything with ease so you look how you always imagined you would

Were able to save yourself tons of time & money by learning from an actual pro


Finally realized ‘I can actually do this!’

Welcome to

Makeup Made Easy™


I'm celebrity makeup artist Melissa Murdick (she/her), and I'm going to end your makeup struggles once and for all in just 4 weeks using my ultra easy

Learn-Buy-Apply Method

Here's how it works. During the course you'll:

Learn all the must-know basic makeup concepts, products, and application techniques in-depth so everything makes total sense

Buy everything you need to create the perfect routine for you (without wasting time & money on anything you don't) 

Apply all of my pro knowledge through practice until you're 100% comfortable and confident


You get to submit a selfie directly to me at the end of the course & get my personalized feedback!

Here's how the course runs

Are you ready? Grab your spot before it sells out!

How long are the classes?

Class last between an hour to an hour and a half, plus any additional time needed for Q and A. 


What if I can’t attend classes live or if I miss a class?

Not a problem at all! Every single one of our classes will be recorded, so you can watch (and re-watch!) them at any time.

Will you be teaching how to feminize my features?

Although I do teach how to cover a 5 O'clock shadow, I do not go into contouring or other advanced feminizing makeup techniques in this course. To get the absolute best results when you are newly learning makeup, you need to build up your skills gradually and not overwhelm yourself. I promise it's in your best interest to master these basics first. The good news is: doing a full-faced makeup routine like the one you learn in the course is already inherently feminizing! You'll see a big difference just from implementing this routine.

What will I need to own or buy in order to do this course?

During the course I teach you how to do a full-face look that you can easily customize for any occasion, so after week 2 (our 'buy week'), I'd advise you to purchase the products you need for this look. This involves foundation, concealer, color corrector (if you need to cover a 5 O’clock shadow), powder, eyeshadow, eyeliner, brow pencil, mascara, blush, lipstick, and the tools to apply these. Don't stress--I actually make this super easy for you! Not only do I send you a 'product checklist' so you know exactly which products you need, I also send you my exclusive 'buying guide' with all of my pro recommendations so you know which products and brands I think are the best! Also, you can feel free to incorporate what you already own—no need to buy completely new makeup if you have things you already like!

What if I have zero makeup knowledge and experience?

This course was designed for people just like you! You can come in knowing absolutely nothing—I’m here to teach you makeup from the ground up! The only thing you need is the ability to buy your first set of products to practice with.

What if I’ve been doing my makeup for a while already?

You might be shocked to know this…but almost NOBODY is ever directly taught makeup. Just like you, most people are stuck learning bits and pieces through social media, books, and asking around for advice. This is a terrible way to learn everything! Because this course teaches you makeup in-depth, it fills in all the knowledge gaps that are throwing your current routine off. Plus, I’ve been doing makeup for over 17 years, which means what you learn from me will be the most professional techniques you’ll find anywhere—period. I guarantee even if you’ve got some parts of your routine down, you’re going to see big improvements and feel way more confident moving forward.

Is this class for transgender people only?

I do want to be clear that I myself am cis-gendered, however, this course is designed to be an environment where everyone feels 100% safe, comfortable, and private. Because of this, everyone who takes the course should fall under the trans* umbrella. If you do not identify this way, please feel free to take one of my free classes or book a one-on-one session with me instead! I'm still happy to help you.

I don’t want to be seen on camera during class. Is that OK?

Absolutely! This class is designed to keep everyone feeling as safe as humanly possible! Just so you know--most folx who take this course are not fully out yet, and I am 100% committed to maintaining your privacy and meeting you exactly where you're at right now. Always feel free to change your name, hide your video, etc during the course. You can also watch the recordings instead of attending live if that makes you feel even more comfortable.


Does this sound familiar?

I know it’s hard to believe—but it really doesn’t have to be this difficult! What if you...


March 7th

Sunday: how to apply every single product like a pro, how to practice for quick improvement


March 13th & 14th

Saturday: Live practice session with me

Sunday: troubleshooting challenges, how to improve from here, how to touch up your makeup, how to switch up this look for all occasions


But I don't just teach you and expect you to 'get it all on your own'...


Makeup Made Easy also includes:

Q and A

every class

So you get answers to every single question that comes up along the way

Exclusive take-home guides

That show you exactly what to buy and keep you totally on track when you're practicing at home

A live practice session 

So you have all the support you need as you master your routine

A private Discord server

To connect with other trans folx on all things makeup and have a community cheering you on in your journey!



Feb 20th & 21st

Saturday: introduction to the learn-buy-apply process, why skin type matters + discovering yours, prepping skin for makeup, how to remove makeup, how to set up for your routine

Sunday: full makeup fundamentals: getting to know all the basic products and what they do in-depth


Feb 28th

Sunday: makeup brush 101, creating your core makeup routine, how makeup looks are put together, how to shop for your routine, what you need to buy

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